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    yes, the site owner can/should be able to change anything.

    And technically they can as it's all just JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

    An example is
    SRL when they publish an article the banner image is placed on the carousel and linked to the article. The page reads this information from the RSS feed. 

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    by:Nigel Leck - 27 Nov 2013
    What coding standards are used by stSoftware?

    Our Java coding standards can be found here which are adopted by all our developers. 

    We follow Agile development processes, which includes writing automated unit tests for business logic. This allows systems to evolve with confidence.

    Self test results


    • Original stSoftware coding standards document.

    by:Parminder Singh - 27 Nov 2013
    What are the security, back-up, disaster recovery and firewall services?


    Industry standard best practice for passwords for both the web server and Linux machines. Site designers do not have direct access to the underlying Linux server, the raw database or files. All changes are done within sandbox of the system. 

    by:Tina Odling - 26 Nov 2013
    Easily integrated with other web applications through open standards.

    Users may access all allowed data via the Web Forms or via Industry standard protocols such as:

    • ReST which returns data in both JSON and XML formats. 
    • SOAP 
    • WebDav
    • ICal 
    • GWT RPC
    • JDBC

    All requests for data or modification to data goes via the DAL ( Data Access Layer) no matter which protocol is used. There is NO direct access to the underlying data store. The DAL checks the ACLs ( Access Control Limits ) for each data request and performs all validations on each data modification. When data is modified

    by:Tina Odling - 26 Nov 2013