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About Us

stSoftware is a technology company specialising in cloud solutions.

Our people are recognised as truly innovative experts in online applications. Our highly talented and dedicated ICT Teams deliver high value, exceptional performance systems for all businesses, from start-ups to highly complex multi-national systems.

Our focus is to provide clients with flexible end-to-end integrated systems that optimise processes. This will empower your team enabling you to be responsive to changing demands and maximise emerging opportunities.

We are dedicated to our clients and as our logos says 'Sustainable Technology', we are committed to providing long term sustainable solutions which deliver excellent results.

Customer Benefits

stSoftware is a full service software partner for our clients, offering a wide range of expertise and proven products. As trusted partners, we provide a one-stop shop, from initial consultancy, requirements analysis and design, through to deployment with outstanding support, maintenance and upgrades.

We have worked with a wide range of markets and organisations from SME's to global businesses, and for franchise and member-based groups. Our technologies and partner base are continually broadening and we operate a continuous R&D program to ensure we always offer the latest in solutions. Our broad suite of solutions and technical experience give you massive head-start. This combined with our keep-it-simple attitude drives a value-for-money approach, transforming your business operations and your online environment with innovation. We achieve this with an absence of technical grandstanding.

We are very happy to undertake either agile or fixed-price, fixed-timescale projects and work together with your IT and general staff, after all they know you best and are an important resource for successful system implementation. We provide strategic IT advice, and work with your IT team to deliver a comprehensive IT strategy with consideration of IT capabilities, desired capacities and functionality, time frames, budgets and expected ROI. Our daily or weekly reporting and hands-on project managers mean you are informed and have fine control over your project - agile or fixed, from start to finish, resulting in high return, exceptional software solutions.

Customer Results

Proven results are the indicator of success. For over a decade we have provided online solutions which deliver on client requirements and offer genuine value for money. We believe the quality of our staff, software and service to be superior to that of the biggest and best names in the industry - many of whom charge fees many times ours.

Our technology has earned us an unparalleled reputation. Our ethics have built a loyal customer base who respect and trust us to continue to deliver.

Our Mission

stSoftware our goal is to be the most innovative and sustainable cloud technology company on the planet.

Our mission is to create inspiring technology that improves the world.

These are big goals but they’re goals we believe are worth striving for.

Each day, we apply passion, strategy and focus in our work and in doing so, we enjoy seeing the huge improvements in ease of functionality and system reliability that our solutions generate for our clients.

We hope to have the opportunity to offer you these same advantages and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements in further detail with you.

Contact us to talk about your current position and your vision of tomorrow which you hope to achieve with the right technology.