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    How to call ReST services from Excel?

    Example spreadsheet to fetch data from an ST server


    All the data from a stSoftware server can be fetched via the standard ReST API, all the standard ACLs and validation rules are applied whether the data is access via the standard screens or via the ReST API

    Example Excel Spread Sheet

    Click here to download an example Excel spread sheet which shows how to fetch data from an ST Server into Excel.

    How to use

    1. Open spreadsheet and click "Enable Macros".

    Enable Macros

    2. Click "add-ins" menus

    add-ins menu

    3. Click "Login" icon

    Login button

    4. Enter connection details

    Enter the connection details for your own server or use one of the demo systems by using the host and the user name user with the password user

    Please note the demo servers are reset daily ( don't store anything you want to keep). 

    Login form

    5. Click on the query button

    Query button

    6. Enter the fields, class and filer for the data to be fetched. 

    There are a number of predefined templates which can be chosen or enter  the fields "Class", "Fields" and "Where" directly. 

    Query form