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    What details of a user sessions are available?

    You may see your own active sessions details or the administrator may all users session details


    Normal users are restricted to view only their own session details. Administrators may see the session details for all users.

    Active sessions can be forcibly logged out from the session details screen. The list of active sessions for a user can be viewed from the "My Setup" screen. 

    User session details

    Session Screen

    • Button "Close" closes the screen
    • Button "Print" prints the session details
    • Button "Logout" will forcibly logout the active user session.

    Session details

    • ID - The internal session identifier.
    • Login - Is the user id and user name. 
    • Start - The session start time to the last active time and duration.
    • Host - The server logged into ( identifies which server in a cluster)
    • Client URL - Is the IP address of the client and client host name if known.

    Client Location

    • Country - Estimated country based on the client IP address.
    • Region - Estimated region based on the client IP address.
    • City - Estimated city based on the client IP address.
    • Zip Code - Estimated zip code based on the client IP address.


    • Agent - The agent string of the browser which the client logged in with.
    • Windows/Mac/Linux - The operating system of the client
    • Type - The type of login
    • Screen - the screen size.


    • Logged out - Is this session logged out ?
    • Timed out - Has this session timed out ?
    • Valid to terminate - means this session will be automatically logged out.
    • Language - The detected client language.
    • Time Zone - The detected client time zone.