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    Does stSoftware offer guaranteed time-frames for new projects, modifications and enhancements?

    Can use waterfall methodology but would prefer Agile.

    stSoftware can use the Waterfall project methodology which locks down business requirements and scope at the start of the project and enables set time frames with guarantees. We prefer to use the Agile project methodology as it is increasingly recognised as providing better outcomes with shorter project times and lower costs to client as overheads are reduced.

    With Agile projects the client and the vendor teams work closely together on smaller deliverables. This collaborative environment reduces misunderstandings, aids communication and ultimately produces better refinement of requirements. The short release time frames and refinement also capture errors or ill-defined requirements at the time, unlike Waterfall projects where a trail of issues are only discovered at the end of a project which typically cause time delays. Agile projects produce outcomes that are highly valued by the client as being what is needed rather than what was assumed as being needed.

    Project pricing, we provide estimates for future work which is based on our experience and our best understanding of your requirements and your environment at the time. Our experience has shown agile development offers shorter time frames, less governance overheads and flexibility to adjust requirements when compared to the older style fixed price waterfall development practices. Agile projects can be done under highly discounted CIP or Project Block packages.

    To provide a fixed price quote we need to follow the standard a waterfall documentation process, which is lengthy, and the quote would include a multiplier for the risk of unknowns and is based on the standard professional services rate. Our time to prepare the waterfall documentation and the quote can be done under the discounted CIP or project block time.